Write My Life Challenge Day 1

Day 1March 1, 2017 was Day 1 of the Write my Life Challenge. On day 1, I woke up around 7:30 a.m. scrambling trying to get me some clothing so that I could be ready for my class. Today was Day 1 for many different things. Today is the first day of March. Today, I checked my email and saw that one of my clients sent me her bio and book description. Today was is also the day that one of my businesses launched. Last but not least, today was the day for me to start my online course.

The name of the course I took was called the Intuit Customer Service Course. After bathing and putting on my clothing, I ran upstairs around 8 a.m. I watched video after video after video for the course until the class finally started. I was always taught that the early bird gets the worm. Even God says seek me early. I arrived at the class around 8:30 a.m. That is when all of the trouble started!

Many times when I logged into the Arise portal, I was booted off. It was difficult trying to record the sessions when I kept getting booted off. For the first two assignments, I managed to get them done by myself. So I had this self confidence about myself. Yay me! The number one smart student! However, when it came to the second and third assignment, I was absolutely clueless. I became so clueless that my first thought was, “Why are you wasting your time. This is not for you! These people don’t even want to help you with your work! They don’t want to help you because you are black!” All of these negative thought plagued my mind like a hungry vampire biting necks.

As I sit there in class, I decided not to think about myself. I decided, even though I’m mad and confused, I am going to still record these videos because I know there is going to be someone who will need my help. So I continued to record them. After class, the teacher tried everything she could do to help me. She couldn’t so she sent me to support. 30 minutes later, support came to my rescue.

I learned a few lessons today. First, when pressure hit you and negative thoughts try to plague your mind, don’t fly off the handle. Stay calm! Be patient and wait! Stay confident! Most of all never give up! I also learned that sometimes your perception can be wrong because you are acting out of your emotions. I also learned that you have to have some resilience about yourself. When you feel like giving up, you have to keep on pressing. Sometimes, the challenges that you go through was created specifically so that you can be a blessing and help to someone else. After finishing up my course, I was introduced to an amazing lady. I was able to help her out with my notes because she was struggling with the same things that I was struggling with. Now that I think about it, I am so glad I went through that because I was able to help someone else. So I can say, in spite of all technical difficulties I went through today turned out to be a great day. Today, I wrote in my journal and that was truly an amazing experience. I am just 1 person and God used me to help one person and to inspire another person after the class. Now, it is time for me to pray, meditate and get some shut eye.