sharing-is-caringHello everyone, how are you all doing? Good I hope. I want to welcome you to the Sponsors page. If you guys have read about Shamonj Gifts LLC’s Vision and you would like to show your support you are free to do so. I have created a crowd funding titled Shamonj Sharing is Caring Fund. I am looking to raise money to get new computers, printers, publish more books, and more…. For more information, check out the crowd funding. If you don’t want to donate through the crowd funding site, please feel free to send money to me through Paypal. For all of those who support and sow a seed to Shamonj Gifts LLC you are supporting yourself. If you need any of the services that I offer please feel free to ask me and I’ll be willing to help with whatever you need help with. As a thank you to you for donating, I will create a page on my website with your photo, bio, and business. I will list you as one of the Sponsors of Shamonj Gifts LLC and dedicate one of my books to you. I’ll even be willing to put information about your business in one of my books so that you can get free advertisement. I’ll also promote you on business & personal TSU, Facebook (Page, Fanpage, Groups), Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram and ALL other social media sites. Below is a link to donate to Shamonj Gifts LLC.