Goal Setting



What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. ~Zig Ziglar


Goals are the every day tasks that we do to take us ahead in life. Goals give our dreams and vision life. Without goals, our dreams and vision would not become a reality. I found that in my life, goal setting is what was missing. Every single day, I was spending a lot of time procrastinating and wondering why I wasn’t getting anything done. I had to make a change in my time settings so that I can accomplish goals that I have in mind for myself.

There are many techniques for goal setting!

  • Blogging
  • Hand Written Journaling
  • Electronic Journaling
  • Video Recording
  • Audio Recording
  • Whiteboard Writing
  • Notepad on the Computer
  • Sticky Notes
  • Vision Boards
  • Vision Journals

Why is goal setting important? Goal setting is important for many reasons. Writing down your goals is very important.

Reasons goal setting is important:

  • The process of writing your goals help you clarify what you desire to do, understand the importance of pursuing them and commit yourself to making them happen.
  • Goals give you the inspiration and motivation you need to believe in yourself.
  • Written goals help you to see what direction you are going in, the changes you need to make, and the progress you are making towards your prize.
  • Goals give you a starting point and destination to reach.
  • Goals help you to determine what your dreams, mission, purpose, calling and vision is.
  • Goals keeps you focused on your dreams, mission, purpose, calling and your vision.
  • Goals helps you to cultivate your gifts and talents.
  • Goals help you to have tunnel vision on your objectives and accomplish more.
  • Goals allow you to document and records your progress in your vision or business.
  • Goals allow you the opportunity to measure your success.
  • Goals give you more inspiration and motivation.
  • Goals give you the power to overcome procrastination and manage your time appropriately.
  • Goals help you the ability reach your highest potential.
  • Goals help you to become the person whom you were destined to become.
  • Goals help you to transform your life and live a life of abundance and fulfillment.

Setting goals in the seven areas of life (spiritual, mental/emotional/psychological, physical, financial, relational, social, professional) empowers you to live your vision with power. So set your goals today!