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Who Am I?

I know who I am? Do you? My name is Shawne Monet Jackson. This year I noticed that my name fits who God created me to be. I remember a long time ago I went to the Gibraltar Trade Center with my mother Jacqueline Jackson. We saw this man and woman who was asking people …

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Christmas Message

December 25, 2012 is Christmas Day. Christmas is a time of love, sharing, caring, laughter, family, and food. Christmas is a time of giving back and being a blessing to those people whom God has divinely placed in your life. Christmas is a time where family and friends come together and forget about all their …

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Writing History

Hello everyone. It’s February 8, 2011 and 3:17 p.m. Today I’m still examining my life and the lives of those who I’m proud of. As I began to think about my life I have some things to be proud of. I’m proud of my ancestors. I’m proud of the things that many African American people …

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